Exo Drone Blackhawk 3 Pro Review & First Flight

Initial review of the new EXO Blackhawk 3 Pro quadcopter drone. Looks great, has night mode, obstacle avoidance, class 8 wind resistance and is on available here: https://amzn.to/3QL84W8
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This #EXO, #EXODRONE, #BLACKHAWK3 #BH3PRO WOW! Initial flight, it only last about 30 minutes due to windy conditions and there are still many features to review but we’ll see how it holds up! This is a great flyer with amazing functions, worth a look for sure!

200mbps HDR 4K video and 48-megapixel camera. Enhanced Night Mode features a 1/1.3in CMOS Sensor for superior low-light captures.

You will need a Po SD Card, recommend Sandisk Extreme Pro 128G: https://amzn.to/3q7PPtQ
( Link is affiliate link, commissions earned )

This new Exo drone is a drone for anybody. Because it’s a high end drone made simple and affordable and is a USA leader in drones.

Blackhawk 3 Pro features:
○ 100% FAA Compliant
○ 9+ mile range on a single charge
○ 53-minute battery life
○ 200 mbps HDR 4K video quality
○ ‘Follow-me’ flight mode
○ ‘Return to Home’ flight mode
○ GPS routing
○ Night mode
○ Obstacle avoidance
○ Class 8 wind resistance

It comes with:
1x Blackhawk 3 Pro Drone Kit
● Carry Bag
● Drone Battery
● Remote Controller
● Extra propellers
● USB Cable
● Battery/Controller Charger
● Screwdriver

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