Ruko F11 GIM2 Drone – Long Range and High Wind Capable

Ruko F11 Gim2 Drone with 4k 30 video, Level 7 Wind Resistance, 3km Range, decent Stability & GPS for a budget price. I gave it a good test and review on a cold and windy day…

🏠 Ruko Official Store:
Discount Code: “AlienDrones”

Found this to be a solid performer with a clean app, decent modes and very nice quality fit and function. If you do have a mishap and need parts, they also have replacement arms, props, batteries, etc. too. That’s nice, not that YOU’LL ever need it… 🙂

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== My Equipment ==

– Ruko F11 🏠 Ruko Official Store:
– Skydio 2+:
– DJI Mini 3 Pro:
– EXO Blackhawk 2 – Mini Pro:
– Ruko F11 GIM2:
– EXO X7 Ranger Plus:
– EXO Cinemaster2:
– DJI Mavic Air 2s:
-DJI Mavic Mini2:

-AZEUS Portable Power Station:
-Lume Cube Strobe: (EBAY):
-Lights String 9.8ft EL Wire Lights:
-64G Extreme SD Card: (Amazon)
-Drone Foldable Landing Pad: (Amazon)

-Magnetic Charging Cable: (Amazon)
-Remote Rt Angle Cable (Type C):
-Remote Rt Angle Combo Pack (Type C, tablet and phone):
-Remote Rt Angle Cable (Lightning):
-Remote Rt Angle Cable (Micro): (Ebay)
—TABLET Rt Angle cable (Type C): (Amazon)
—TABLET Rt Angle cable (Micro):

-Skyreat Tablet Holder (Metal NUT): (Amazon)

-Sony A6400: (Amazon)
-Camera Tripod (Amazon)
-Extension Tubes for Macro Photography (Amazon):

Luminar Neo:
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0:00 Man it’s COLD!
0:30 Ruko F11 GIM2 Specifications
2:20 Gim2 first flight Test
4:25 Gimbal stability?
6:07 Image follow mode
6:40 GPS follow mode
7:20 Orbit (point of interest) mode
8:56 Gimbal stability 2?
9:15 What comes in the box
10:12 Equipment Quality Check
13:00 Operation Overview
14:51 Value Overview

Jeff II – Wait For Me
Link to the song:

Music by Audiio:
jared-marc: Sylki original
cryote: good medicine – instrumental

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